Investment Proposal

Nirmayee Naturopathy Health  And Yoga Research  L L P .

B 401, 10 Kasturkunj, Bhosale Nagar, Pune-411007.


Offer for one share in the LLP:

Investment Proposal For Hadshi Healthcare Center

  1. Area of land is 40 acres owned by Srinivas Iyengar in his single name.
  1. There will be a lease agreement of this 40 acres with the LLP.
  1. As Srinivas Iyengar and his family havebeen promoters of Nirmayee over a period of twelve years now, 50% share holding will be with Iyengar family,and balance 50% will be held by like-minded investors.
  1. Investors will get one share (half acre undivided share), be entitled to the profits of one share and be eligible for treatment at Nirmayee for 15 days in a year on priority basis at highly  discounted rates for a family of four. Rates being Rs. 11000 per person per day (increasing yearly),this is the best benefit for a shareholder.
  1. The rates per share will increase by Rs. 10 lakhs after every 5 shares purchased. Hence the first five shares will be for Rs. 50 lakhs each and the next five shares for Rs 60 lakhs. The 5 following shares will be for 70 lakhs progressing so on in this manner until a total of 40 shares are sold.
  1. Nirmayee nature cure has been in operation in Pune from past 12 years. Having 4000 plus clients in the 12 years, these people will be a big asset to the health resort. The clientele being mainly from Mumbai, many of these 4000 people are also from abroad.
  1. Iyengar has purchased in 2007 an ideal plot of land for this project of naturopathy and yoga. Spread over 40 acres, the health resort will come up on just 14 acres. Rest of the land being left untouched with 300 trees on the 40 acres will add to the beauty and ambience of the health resort.
  1. Other advantage is that the Sai mandir spread over 500 acres is just next to the land. The ashram of Puttaparthi Sai Babais fully developed with temples and a well maintained lawn of 30 acres open to all.
  1. Best part of the land of 40 acres is the adjoining large tract of forest. The trees add oxygen and the air is very pure withextremely comfortable temperature levels on the 40 acres. These are very important factors for the success of a health resort.
  1. As the present government is promoting naturopathy health and yoga research, Iyengar isgetting great support from the Collectors Office. Also as clientele, Nirmayee in Pune has established contact with many IAS officers from the revenue department in Pune and Mumbai during the past 12 years. This is very helpful for setting up the project.
  1. People nowadays are willing to spend on their health in their 40sto avoid visiting hospitals when they are older. Preventive healthcare  is now very important, especially for those who want to be disease free in their later years. Naturopathy offers not just treatments, but also advice on lifestyle change in a sustainable way, and learning to live healthy is the best form of preventive healthcare.
  1. The resort will be operational in 2 years from now.
  1. Anyone interested, can contact the chief promoter Srinivas Iyengar on 9822025026 or write to him at